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Four Christmases

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

SPOILER ALERT – a baby spits up on a person.

I saw Four Christmases recently and it was a nice, light, relatively funny movie with two EXTREMELY funny scenes in which Reese Witherspoon gets spat up on by babies. Vince Vaughn then looks as though he’s going to vomit. Of course this took me back to when my oldest was a baby and I had my husband change his diaper (not for the first time) and then my husband came to me and told me he had thrown up.

I laughed.

I told others.

I guess that wasn’t the response he had expected and he has since denied throwing up. Apparently the stigma of throwing up after changing your babies diaper is worse than the stigma attached to lying.

And the movie was worth watching too.

4 Little Cuties

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Don’t blame me if all my posts seem to be about my kids lately. I haven’t talked about them in a while and I’ve got some real cuties and I’ve lost the will to resist telling inane stories that no one who doesn’t know them will really care about. Actually I know you will because they are just SO CUUUUTE!!!!

My older daughter finds coins pretty frequently. She picks them up and says “It’s my lucky day!” The fact that she’s 3 is what makes this funny. The thing is, she also loses them pretty frequently too and it has become apparent that she thinks coins are called ‘lucky days’ because then she will say, “Where’s my lucky day?”

Slip of the Toe

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

My oldest recently had to go for stitches. He slipped in the shower while trying to wash his foot and somehow split open the underside of his jaw. The doctor described it as a ‘meaty’ wound and he got 6 stitches. I came running from my room when I hear him howling. My first thought was that he had turned on the hot water and was burning himself and was in too much pain to think of getting out of the water. Instead I found the water cool and a line of blood from his chin to his toes.

The bleeding stopped very easily but one clear look and it was obvious stitches were needed (if the blood hadn’t already convinced me). The cut was gaping and from the front you could actually see the skin hanging down a little bit. My husband was out with the car so we had to wait around for him to come back. I told my fellow that he shouldn’t talk so he wouldn’t accidentally start the bleeding back up and told him he’d need stitches. Fortunately he can write so he started asking questions and his first was, “Will I die?” (Doesn’t that just tear at your heart strings?) He’d seen the blood and figured the jig was up.

Happily he believed me when I said no and went on to ask, “Will I get ice cream?”

There’s nothing quite like a kid who’s got his priorities straight.